Dear Valued Guest,

In these unprecedented times, I want to personally take an opportunity to reassure everyone in La Mie’s extended family that we continue to take the health and well-being of our patrons and staff extremely seriously. While we have always worked hard around the clock to provide safe and sanitary facilities, we have enhanced and expanded our efforts in recent weeks to ensure the utmost sanitation of our dining rooms, kitchens, restrooms, and other public spaces.  Here are some of the things we are doing to keep you safe while enjoying your time with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and others in our restaurants:

  • All pastry products are now individually bagged and protected behind and/or beneath glass
  • Tongs have been removed and replaced with deli paper
  • Hand Sanitizer and disinfecting wipes have been placed throughout our dining rooms
  • New protocols require cleaning and sanitizing of all common areas several times an hour, including exterior and interior door handles, ice scoops, tap handles on coffee carafes, cream & milk containers, plastic table numbers, writing pens, condiment containers, salt & pepper shakers, light switches, utensil containers, chairs, booths, tables, and many other areas in our dining rooms
  • Tables and bar stools have been removed to create a six-foot space between patrons


A wide variety of prepared meals, take-&-bake items, soups, and salads are available at our 42nd Street location where indoor and outdoor seating is available. 

Our commitment to providing you with a safe environment in which to enjoy your time here will never waver.  Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.


Joe Logsdon